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BUSTED: Wall Street Journal Catches Facebook, Zynga Giving Your Info To Advertisers

According to WSJ, Facebook apps are freely handing out users’ private info to advertisers, including names–even for Facebook accounts that are set to be fully private.

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Welcome to My New Blog!

This is the first post of my new blog.

I deleted my Facebook account because of its lame privacy settings (or lack there of). I determined that the reason I essentially enjoyed Facebook was that I was able to conveniently re-post interesting information I found on the Internet, as well as share personal thoughts and pictures.

This blog should serve the same purpose for me as my former Facebook page. My real friends will always be my friends, with or without a Facebook account, and I am confident that those same real friends will take the effort to check out my blog from time to time to learn the latest happenings and musings of yours truly.

Thanks for reading my first post! Live long and prosper.

– Free Will Bill

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